Friday, 21 April 2017

Critical Engagement 2017

It's here, it's finally here....

Probably the greatest tournament known to man, woman or beast

As last year was such a success we will be doing it again, same format but with some different missions. We had 24 players last July, let's see if we can top that.

Rules pack can be downloaded here 

The Facebook event is here

So for all of you who just want a summary overview

Saturday July 8th, in Chessington (South-West London/Surrey border)

1000point clash (only one of any rare choice though)

4 games in the day (1hr 45mins per game)

£15 for the day - car parking available on site, tea coffee and doughnuts all day too

Missions and prize support will be revealed soon, hope to see some of our lovely readership there, especially you, as you are new aren't you?


  1. 24 players? [envy]Is that all you can muster?[/envy]

    That really is a great turnout -- hope you smash it this year! 8^D

    1. There's always a space for you buddy!