Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Back From The UK Games Expo

Queing like bosses
There's little in life more satisfying than that first sleep in your own bed, after coming back from a hectic weekend of gaming (apart from perhaps the first shower after a festival weekend, to wash away the thick layers of grime). As I woke on Monday morning I was sad to not be gearing up to play games all day, but smiled as I reflected back on the weekend. For any of you who haven't been to a con I encourage you to gather together a small group and attend for the full duration!

Our Friday consisted of a long saunter around the trade hall, with highlights such as literally beating
back hordes (not hoards) of bring and buyers to book in first, flicking penguins around an ice school, making sales staff feel uncomfortable with unpleasant jokes and embracing all our Hawky friends. Once the spunking of money and banter had finished the gaming commenced, and we hit the sack at 2:30 am after I had been crowned the true king of Westeros.

Saturday was tournament day with all 5 of us competing, but across three different games systems. One of us had a shocker at the the Dropzone tourney and has been relegated to the OB C-Team, but I'll let him tell you all about that in the near future! More gaming ensued afterwards, with the gang exiling me to the cold wastes in Dead of Winter. Exiling me! I'm the most trustworthy of all the people! I call hate crime! Well, I mean I was the betrayer and I may have been trying to start a Special Elite Friendship Group (not a cult), but that's not the point.

The OB horde
Sunday was wind-down day, and after enough breakfast to feed a legion of pot-bellied geeks we had another shuffle around the hall, said good bye to everyone and headed home.

You probably noticed I didn't mention anything about a podcast in the last three sentences. Yeh, bad news regarding that; it didn't happen. Between gaming and Ed going on a date (...don't even...) we just didn't have a chance! The good news is that we are recording this week, and will get your questions answered by Hawk one way or another!

In addition to the pod, you can also expect in the near future a battle report or two from Summer Invasion and an update on my plans with Shaltari, as well as a host of other content, but you'll just need to bear (or gorilla) with us whilst we draw our thoughts together!

In the meanwhile here are some piccies of the various delights from the Expo, including a building hiding a surprise which will be revealed in good time...


  1. Dang, those are some patriotic looking buildings in that bottom pic!

    Maybe eventually I'll learn to spend less money on miniatures I don't need and more money on going to the conventions to show off all the miniatures I don't need. When (read: if) that day comes, I'll be excited to see you guys there.

  2. Ed blew the world off from getting the much-advertised podcast to go on a DATE?

    Yeah, I don't want to go there...

    Sounds like you had a blast. GenCon is looking less and less likely for me as we get closer to it, so I might not be able to get my con on this year, which would be a bummer. Gonna haft a shoot for 2017, I guess... Looking forward to more new from yous guys, finding out what's in the building, and who got demoted to the C-Team (I'm guessing Joe).

    Later! 8^D