Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Hawk Wargames vs Orbital Bombardment at Firestorm Games

OB are going on a mini road trip - At Call to arms II - Cardiff. What the fuck has happened to our faces!!!!
Hawk Wargames have challenged team OB to a battle of the best.
Its a 2 day tournament hosted by Firestorm Games.

Tickets are £15.00 and i think there is still space if you fancy some battle.

It would be rude not to accept... Unfortunately not all of the team can make it. Due to UK Games Expo shenanigans and real life only 2 are going. But 2 is better than none!

Me and Ed, aka Skullsword and Edchop/Techboy 2000 will carry the OB flame across borders for the first time. Venturing out into the wilderness, what will the meta be like, will it be any different from our local. Who knows!!

I will be taking my Resistance and Ed his Tron PHR

Will we be able to compete with the makers of this lovely game? Err, of course!

We will have lots of video clips and images going up on facebook and twitter over the weekend, so keep an eye out for how we do. Hoping we can get some info out of the Hawk chaps too.

See you there or see you about


  1. at first I thought, "Damn, some of Hawk's new hires are not friendly on the eyes"

  2. You are all even uglier then in real life... ;)
    Enjoy the Storm!

  3. Fine looking gentlemen in photo. Tards for DzC ;)--