Friday, 8 April 2016

Check Out My Bag, And All Its Contents

That backwards explosion in the B bothers me too.
We've gone down the rabbit hole guys. I'm talking way, deep down, even further down than Alice went. Compared to us she's a part-timer, with the OB gang all being veteran spelunkers. This is a level of geek I never thought I would get to, but here I am, figuring out how best to min-max my Agricola farm with the rest of the crew, in this dark, warm hole...

We got custom dice. 

That's not so bad, right? Lots of people get custom dice, for lots of different things! It's geeky, but it's not that geeky...

We also got custom dice bags.

Yeh. This is pretty damn geeky, I know, but I'll be damned if I care! I'm happier than Bunny Jesus in a rainbow robe riding a lamb, whilst eating a chocolate egg on a Sunday! The blog has been running for longer than two years now, and on a whim I asked the guys; "Wuts Ur pheels on kustum dyce, yo?", too which I received the reply; "NOW.NOW.WHERERTHEDYCE?NOW.NOW!"

Cubes of Dreams / Nightmares
I may be paraphrasing a touch, but you get the idea. We were keen. A quick search on the internet ensued, and after contacting a couple of suppliers I landed on the global super power known as Chessex Dice. After getting in touch, I sent over an image that we wanted to use, and Joseph (the dice man at Chessex, who I imagine to be a giant dice with eyes in the dots on the '2' side. What kind of chair would a giant cube use? I guess it would be a stool, problem solved) adjusted it to be suitable, and then BAM! The order was in!

Price wise, at 120 dice (ten black and ten grey each) it worked out to be $0.60 a dice, which I consider to reasonable. There were a couple of stings in the tail however; international shipping coming through at $35 from the states was an unpleasant surprise (did they fly it by Dragon?!), and then the delightful people at custom's decided they wanted to play Liar's Dice with our cubes of wonder, which cost another £18 (a terrible player paying off their gambling debts, I suppose). I'm going to blame the Tories, although this may be the one price increase which George Osborne had no dealings with. Perhaps.

All in all the process took a long, excruciating 4 weeks, but it was worth the wait! They are just perfect, and seem to roll pretty well too, with the black ones edging out the grey so far.

The ordering of the bags however seemed to be much easier, perhaps due in part to Mike ordering them for us all. He had seen a post over at Hand Of The Sphere, in which the bloger Sazu had a company named KOed make him a bag, complete with deck storage. In the same vain as the dice, Mike sent over an image and the nice lady at KOed applied it to our bags, and voilĂ ! The cost per bag ended up at about £20 including shipping, which although not cheap seems to be the going rate of dice bags weirdly. An exotic commodity, apparently.

Needless to say we're all stoked with our purchases, and I suggest, nay, direct you all to delve down our rabbit hole of wonder and revel in your geek with us! For all you Bombanites out there who would like some dice, or even perhaps a bag, it's unfortunately tough. That is, unless Sgt Slaughter fails to pay me, and then in which case I have 20 dice with someones name on! In seriousness, if any of you mad bastards want some then email me, and perhaps with enough demand we can magic something up.


  1. I need to work on my logo first. . . Ideas would be nice!

  2. People i asked didn't seem to keen on the idea of homemade dice or i would have attempted making my own. I'm pretty sure i could have matched the tolerances of most store bought ones too... So i'm left repainting the pips on some chessex ones to match my army.

    I'm going all the way on the themed accessories. I got a set of custom tokens and i'm contemplating to repaint an ammo crate as a carrying case... For the moment it's models and terrain though.

    Anyway, sweet stuff you got there.

  3. New unit rules out and OB is covering their dice bag...

    1. Hahaha Major Lolz. Hawk gave no real warning of units coming out, as per usual, and we weren't graced with any rules in advance so this is what you get. Pics of my bag.

      Also, this was posted before the rules were released.

  4. Nice dice. Nice sack. Bad English: " In the same vain as the dice, Mike sent over an image..."

    Should be "In the same vein..."

    1. You know you're talking to Dan right? You may as well throw stones at Everest!!
      I try to teach him the ways of English, he is far to stubborn to care

    2. Danlish and the Danphabet play by no man's rules. They do play by some women's rules though.

    3. I'm relatively new to OB, so I'll make a note: "Dan, despite being English, has not yet mastered English.

    4. Also: Do you guys think you could do another CQB Analysis like you did back in November 2014 and include all the new CQB stuff?

    5. Yeah I could revist it. There are a boat load more infantry units available now

    6. Awesome! I know that MATHHAMMER is kinda masturbatory with regard to exploring the metagame and is kinda like economics: good in theory, mediocre in reality.

      But seeing the stats broken down and units evaluated in relation to each other is intriguing and informative to say the least.

  5. Everyone has a blind spot... (welcome to the blog!)

    I'll ask Mike, he's Mr Maths.

  6. Nice dice. Our club, Deathwing Arizona, had dice made several years ago, by Chessex. As I was the treasurer and chief-cook-&-bottlewasher (i.e., I did everything) I did the ordering. The idea was to give out at our tournaments (game which shall not be named, mostly, this being in our pre-DzC days) one black die to every participant, and then a blue die to first place, a red die to second place, and a white die to third. The idea was to encourage folks to participate in the events and collect as many dice of as many colors as they could.

    The idea worked pretty well as a spiff just for attending, and of course the power gamers liked to whip out their collection of blue dice for that special roll. But our LGS at the time went tits-up, and the whole thing fizzled. We stopped running tournaments cuz our new FLGS (which just went tits-up a week and a half ago) ran regular tournaments, which took the burden off of us.

    Which left me with a boatload of Deathwing dice.

    I use 15 of the more plentiful (and seemingly better rolling) black ones for my games of DzC (and recently/soon DfC), and I'm very fond of them.

    The bag, on the other hand, is a very cool idea. But I've got a very nice dice bag already, and separate transport bags for each faction, with each faction's command cards in the right bag so I don't screw up and show up with the wrong cards, so I'll let you guys have all the fun fondling your OB sacks...

    Chessex is a great company to work with, but you have to be prepared for the wait, and like most things, the more you buy the cheaper the per-unit cost...

    Great idea, tho, and relatively the same cost as buying dice at any old place. Well done...