Saturday, 6 June 2015

Reach Out and Touch Base

Hawk have delivered unto us the first of the new sets of infantry. From the Ivory tower of that wonderful place to have an HQ, Croydon.

Check them out, I've also come up with some thoughts of my own.

First up the UCM Mortars:

These guys are a very interesting unit. At first glance these guys aren't great. But if you think about what these guys represent they become rather interesting. They are a form of future proofing, Dave has in the past few months said that he wants the infantry game of DZC to become more important than just CQB and objective hunting counters.

So bearing that in mind the Concussion round is a way of helping the UCM counter infantry that come to the walls. By pushing the infantry back inside you have a way of opening up buildings that you couldn't get into previously with infantry lining the walls. Tagteaming these chaps in an infantry battlegroup with a unit of Legionnaires to push an opponents squad back inside to open up for your guys to get in would be quite useful.

Onto the upcoming new infantry. If they are going to be as important and as useful on the field as your average field then they need to be hardhitting and survivable. As dug in infantry can be very hard to shift this leaves you with three options;
  1. Dedicate shots to the infantry in order to shift them, irritating as this takes shots away from other field units. 
  2. CQB the guys out which is an often used one currently especially if its an objective building.
  3. Or Demo the building one which a couple of factions really excel in for obvious reasons.
Now the UCM have another option; stop them firing entirely.
Considering this unit can do this from basically anywhere on the board that makes them really great. They may be a little more expensive at 36pts than a basic legionnaire base but oh well.

Heres another thought with these guys, as they can only be transported by Bear maybe you could pair them up a full unit of three legionnaire bases in Bear and Condor and have a great little objective tag team. For example turn 1 drop off the mortars behind a building (outside of the important 1"), then pick their Bear back up then use that now empty Bear as an objective carrier while your big unit searches. You dont lose much movement for this action and you have a cool little support unit helping your dudes out. Without losing any infantry to the dreaded reserve roll lottery.

All in all I dont think this unit will be setting the world on fire any time soon but its always nice to have more tools in the box.

Onto the other unit released in this update.

The Immortal Longreach Team:

Now heres a conundrum, at first glance these guys are lovely models for sure. Also from one squad thats 10 shape charge shots at E7 which is great. Mega(Maths)Mike ran the numbers for me and 10 shots of E7 with Shape charge are better than 2 E11 shots at taking out A10 so thats great. Plus taking out infantry by ignoring soft cover from miles away makes total sense. However, there is a but, a big jiggling BUT.

They can't split fire.

Think about that for a second, dont worry I'll carry on in a sec.
Ok these guys are five chaps taking out targets with impunity, it makes sense for them to concentrate fire on something big like a Jaguar or Caiman or Tarantula. But what if I want to shoot down some Yari? (Yes, alright, I have it in for the Shaltari) Or Prowlers, or Technicals, or Wolverines. Its at that point that five shape charge shots becomes a lot less useful when they can only aim at one target.  So the weight of fire that PHR rather desperately need isn't delivered by these guys.

Especially when they are six points more than Immortals for a CQB that is 0.5 lower than Immortals.

Added to that they have to line the walls to shoot making them expose themselves to your opponent in order to get their shots. Being squishy infantry even with E+1 countermeasures is not fun when faced against the futuristic weaponry the factions can bring. (Microwave emmissions boiling your brain in its pan make anyone else shudder?)

Thats not to say this unit is useless, far from it. Stick them in a building give them the Forward Air Controllers and they will happily snipe off a tank a turn while searching for an objective and calling in the air support from your Athena if you bought one to the table.

That said I have a horrible feeling that you won't see this unit on the table that often. I've already made some suggestions on how to improve this unit while staying within their points limit to the Hawk team but I'm sure they'll come up with something better if the community really wants this unit improved.

Not that that stopped me buying a blister of each of these units at the UK Games Expo last week lol.

Anyway what do you guys think about these units? Yay or Nay? If so give us your reasons in the comments below. Thanks for reading.


  1. Put the snipers in an angelos as FOC, 5 S7 SC shots, 2 S10 DEMO shots + Neptune = not a bad back field SoI unit.


  2. you left out the eviscerators... ^^

  3. We'll be sure to hit them up once they get an official PDF launch on the Hawk Website :)

  4. I don't know about the mortars - time will tell. But I think the longreach's are pretty balanced. I totally see that many people will be off 12 points in their army and upgrade one squad of immortals to Longreach. That means they would be in the army quite many times but perhaps not overtaking it totally which is how I like it anyway. That they can only fire at one target is a good drawback, which I'm so stupidly focused on right now, that makes them a good AT/demolish squad (points by points better than the poor enyo) and infantry but not good at taking out small units of armour.


  5. Hey mister "Shaltari hater". I have good news for you. 2x5 E7 sniper shots against Braves, ignoring their active countermeasures, does mess up those porcupines. Just sayin' ;)
    Until now, when playing Shaltari i pretty much carelessly can put my Braves on the walls and shoot up enemy tanks. I won't do that anymore when facing those Snipers...

  6. Am I the only one bothered that a 5 guys with snipers rifles is better heavy AT fire that a flying tank with twin plasma cannons? I would be fine with them being fairly efficient at killing light armor and infantry. However crunching A10 with a sniper rifle is bloody lame in my opinion.

    1. I know what you mean, that's just a byproduct of mechanics unfortunately. I would prefer to have seen these guys in more of a anti-saturation role, as Tech Boy wrote, shooting technicals and such (it would make more sense thematically as well).

  7. I fear, the snipers will share the same fate as the UCM ones... Infantry is for CQB, not for sitting in a building and waiting for something to shoot at. This are dead points in my oppinion, even if ballanced dead points. Unfortunately for the nice looking stuff, I find the concept of 5 guys with snipers better than a tank at AT unfitting for the game (that is all about moving armour around the table) too. Hopefully the rules will change, when they are not experimental any more.

  8. I like the write up - and the snipers should get tested out tomorrow - but the scenario and points of the game might hide them (Unirail and a full on 2500point battle)

    I have always seen the "Longreach Rifle" as more akin to a bazooka, carried AT cannon than a traditional sniper rifle or at least a mix of the two.


  9. I like them both, and I think as TechBoy alluded to, there's more in the pipeline coming from Commander Dave that we don't know about that, hopefull, will have more synergy with these first new u its.

    As for the Mortar Team, I wish I'd had one last night! Not sure I had the points for them, but I could've easily dropped the Missile Pods (that were just filling up points anyway) from the Praetorian's Raven A, and swapped out one of my three squads of Legionnaires for a mortar team. Then the line Katana left in that game of Secure the Flanks could've made a very heroic, nay, epic dash fo the focal point in my SE corner of the board, safely protected from the full on squad of 2 bases of Scourge Warriors that were in the large building by the focal point that were gibbering over their plasma rifles and just ready to kill any armor that got close to that FP with their Combined Fire. It would've taken using the Road Bonus for at least one turn to make it to within 6" of that FP by Turn 6, so the Katana wouldn't have been able to even try to shoot at that building and get some falling masonry to try to thin even one of the Warrior bases down to where it might not have had a single E11 shot with which to pulverize the brave little Katana. Oh, if only I'd had a Mortar Team! Two squads of Legionnaires were stuck in buildings anyway, their transports having been blown out of the sky and the third squad having skedaddled off the table with not one but two objectives, so having a Mortar Team could have meant that the brave little line Katana could have provided me with just one more measly VP, which would've broken the deadlock...

    As it was, we tied on VPs, and because my opponent slew my noble Phoenix in the end, and his vile Oppressor was unmolested, even though I had chewed up his ranks, he had done more to me and mine, and had me on Kill Points, so I firmly believe that a single ?Mortar Team WOULD have won me that game!

    But, as it was, it was the other guy's birthday, so, yeah, OK, glad he won, but man, was it close!

    1. Lone Katana, not "line" Katana! Fucking iPad autocorrect!!!

      And why the hell does this thing put a random question mark in front of some words that have their first letter capitalized???


      Sink into the San Andreas Fault, Cupertino!


  10. OK, I was also going to comment on how useful the Longreach Sniper Team will be for my PHR, too, but clearly it's past my bedtime and my technology is conspiring against me in my weakened, drowsy state...

    I do wish that the Sipers had some way to access Strafe, or some such way to split up their shots to clean up Prowler squads and the like, but, we shall see with the final rules...

    I must check Miniature Market before I power down and see if these new infantry blisters are available yet, or still on Pre-Order status, which means I might have to wait for GenCon to pick them up myself!!!

    Then, it's lights out, I promise... 8^D

    1. "Sipers"??? Is that even a word, iPad??? WTF???

      Snipers. Snipers. Snipers...

      Burn it into your autocorrect brain, you slab of silico!!!

      (OK, really, I don't want to go back in time to before I had a way to surf the Internet until 1:10 in the bloody morning from the comfort of my bed and jammies, and I'm NOT a Luddite, honestly... I work in IT, have all of my 32 professional years of working. I love tech, I really do. I just hate Cupertino sometimes,., smug bastards... Is that even spelled right? It kept trying to correct " bastards" with something else... It's like they're watching me, or something! Oh, look, I need to upgrade to the next rev of IOS... Sure, what's next?...)