Monday, 20 April 2015

Critical Engagement 2015 – Sunday 3rd May

To kick start this week, here is another tasteless reminder about our upcoming tournament, Critical Engagement 2015!

The rules and mission pack are now live (compiled into one handy document) and can be found with the link below:

It is a one day event taking place on Sunday 3rd May, in Tolworth, London (further address details can be found in the pack). It will include three missions from the official rules pack, two of which have been tweaked ever so slightly to make them more viable for all races (amendments to missions also in the pack). Tickets are £10.

We will have some fabulous prizes to give away on the day, in the form of some lovely Blotz pieces and some surprise prizes sent over from Hawk Wargames!

We still have a few spaces left, and would love to see both familiar and new faces down for the day! Also, if you would like a demo game or just want to have a chat I will be refereeing, which really means lazing about and interrupting peoples games with witticisms and mocking remarks.

If you have any questions please send us message at, or simply comment below. Also we can answer short questions on our Twitter; @OBDZC.


  1. To make sure you understand we read and follow, I comment :-)

    Will you possibly have the ability to note the different VP and Kill points in each game as well? I ask because I like the system you have and would like to investigate how much the result would change with the same battle results with Hawks and the Swedish tournament system. Else I need to wait for the Swedish championship but if you would be kind to save the results (KP and VP as well) and provide I would be able to investigate based on two tournaments.


    1. Sure thing buddy, all VP's and KP's will be logged in the uber spreadsheet of doooooooooom
      Hopefully Zombie doesn't break it!