Monday, 16 March 2015

100 and Counting...

“Guys. Hey guys! Can you believe it? We reached it. We finally reached it! The peak of Mount Century. It only took us a year. Well, a year and month. And it was all easy climbing. Well, mostly easy... Alright, we may not have planned our way up thoughtfully enough, or packed enough provisions for the long journey (leading to the unfortunate cannibalism of GetToDaDropship. Thank god we brought the BBQ sauce). Vast snow slides may have knocked us for six, leaving the group in such a state we didn't know what to do, or even broken down into fights over who was going to go on first watch, but we did it. We reached the first peak- That's right, first peak. I thought I said... I didn't mention this was the beginning? Oh well, we've started now, we might as well keep going...”

We've hit another milestone people, one that thousands of blogs dream to achieve; this is our 100th post! It seems kind of mad that we have had enough material to write and talk this much about a single game, but there you go. Call us what you will- Enthusiasts, Fanboys, Champions of Geek- but we have enjoyed every second of our climb, and judging by the response we have had, especially over the last six months, all you beautiful readers have too!

I'd like to say another thank you to all that read and comment on our posts. Without your continued support we would probably have stopped doing this ages ago. Which I suppose means if you want us to shut up then stop reading... But, erm, don't do that! We're just getting started!

For the next 100 posts I would like to know what you guys want to read about and listen too. If you maybe feel we haven't covered a certain topic, or have left angles on certain races out, please comment below and let us know. This isn't just a blog for us narcissists at OB, it's here for you as well, hopefully to be thorough enough for you to regard it as an in-depth resource towards the best Sci-Fi game on the market. So, please comment below and tell us what You want to see.

Also, in the spirit of the community, I would like to open up readers minds to the many of you out there that run blogs yourselves. If you have a podcast, blog, or some other kind of internet thing that is Dropzone related send me an email to and/or comment below with your link, and I will be sure to add you into a community post I would like to make soon. No porn please. Unless of course it's Dropzone related... No actually, I don't need Razorworm porn in my life - No porn.

“Come on then lads, let's get going again!”
Last words of the General of Shenanigans, Zombiestate, before he died of toxic shock from a Hades, inserted into a special orifice known only to loved ones and doctors, by his team mates.


  1. I think you guys should do a video battle report 1/month.

    1. This is an excellent idea! I suggest also that you do them "Cameron Style", of a quick review of everything that happened after each battle group activates. And don't forget to tell us who won the Initiative roll, and whether any command cards were played.

      Other than this, I haven't read all of your posts (hey, I've got a life! (I think...)), so I don't know what you haven't covered yet, but y'all are pretty good at coming up with interesting topics (for the most part... :-P ), so, just keep it up! (Always good advice, I've found...)

      Next thing you know, you'll be quitting your boring-but-well-paying day jobs, opening a studio in your garage, and giving Beasts of War a run for their money!

      ...Or, maybe not... 8^D

    2. Sorry JD, I actually really enjoy my job, and I enjoy my hobby. I don't think I'd enjoy my hobby if it was my job.
      I used to work for GW (17 years ago.......jeez I feel old now) and I found I played a lot less whilst working for them.

      I like the idea of a video bat rep. Ed and I were contemplating it for a 2500 point game that we are planning using the new commanders when they are out.

    3. Unlike Mike, I'd give up my job in a heartbeat to work with my hobby - I think GW beat it out of him! I like the idea of commenting on their game, pro wrestling style.

    4. That would be fantastic but also very slow. I was reading this post and i thought hey maybe i will suggest some bat reps but i was beaten to it. All the same i personally like watching them as i dont get to play as much as i would like to at the moment and i find them to be entertaining. i pretty much watch DzC and syrian tank go pro vids exclusively on youtube. It is probably not the easiest thing to get around to but maybe a few batreps with Dave or Simon would actually help promote the game online a bit. Anyways as for your blogs they are pretty solid op eds, and i would say keep up the wut you playin at segment of the podcastcastcast and the clear levels of intoxication...

    5. I know, Mike, I love my job, too, and the salary, and the benefits, and the hours (even tho I often have to work with folks in India or Malaysia or even Israel, which puts a real wrench into one's sleep schedule!). Pandora I love my hobby, and I like keeping them separate. I was just being facetious (but may have struck a nerve with Dan!)... 8^P

      I really like the idea of getting Dave to do at least one batrep with one of you guys, maybe as your inaugural(?). That would draw tons of viewers, IMHO!

      Also, if you can tear him away from work at all, and you're going to go the video route anyways, some video interviews with Dave would be a real score. The ones he did this past weekend with BoW's Warren were cracking good! (There I go again, channeling my paternal grandfather! LOL!). And/or one with Patrice where he's allowed by Dave to give a sneak peek at some about-to-be-released artwork. Or tactica with Simon (and/or Dave). Just throwing ideas out at this point, but y'all have a kind of access to the HWG staffers that the rest of us couldn't begin to dream about, so I'd work on capitalizing on that, if I were in your shoes.

      Also, here's an idea for a laugh, but if you're feeling adventurous, loony and creative, why not put together lyrics and a tune to "There's No Jelly Like A Dead Jelly" and do a music video of it? That could be hysterical! Make it very campy, and rah-rah, just like the UCMA Propaganda Office would like it to be.

      The sky is the limit! Just don't forget us all who got you launched, and do keep up with pumping out podcasts every fortnight... Bread and butter stuff, y'know? Or meat and potatoes, I dunno, something like that, but keep up with cranking those out because they're really good, really fun to listen to, and really informative!

    6. ("Pandora"??? Where the hell did that come from? "And" was all I was trying to say. Stooopid iPad!...). 8^P

    7. I just had another idea: DzC painting tutorials! You guys do a bang up job painting your minis, and making dioramas, etc, you could do some painting tutorials for DzC models, which I don't think there's much of out there in YouTubeLand; and also things like video reviews of 3rd party stuff, like 4ground buildings (right, Dan?) vs Blotz buildings, vs Sally 4th buildings, vs... See where I'm going with this? Not just batreps, but focus on the hobby side of the game. Dan did win Best Painted at Invasion, right? And Mike won a booby prize for his diorama, IIRC, and don't get me started on Ed's Tron PHR! You guys have got the chops for it, so capitalize on it! I'm still making excuses to not get back into using my airbrush; having a video tutorial on things like Ed's Tron PHR would be awesome, something lots of us could learn from... And Mike, your board you're working on! That's prime video material!

      And remember: Sleep is overrated. You can sleep as long as you like when you get too old to stand for an entire game of DzC, or your hands shake too much to wield a paintbrush. (These are all things that I can see on the horizon for myself; very far off on the horizon, but I know they're coming for me!..,). :-( And, really, spending time with your kids is very overrated, too, especially when there's hobbying to be done, and promoting the game across the interwebs. They just want to watch cartoons and play video games, anyway, and they really don't get to be very interesting until you can go out drinking with them, so don't feel guilty about spending time away from them in order to work on extended hobby-related videos and other projects. They're just going to grow up and hate you, anyways, so why invest the emotional capital in them when they're young and impressionable? They'll just break your heart and take the car keys without so much as a "Thanks, Old Man", so you might as well do something that will make you happy and contribute positively to the DzC community, because unlike your kids, we really DO love you...

      OK, I hope you realize I'm just kidding around here, right?... Family First, and all that, and if you're lucky you'll end up with kids like mine, who are just fantastic and whom I don't need to worry about when they go out. They're not like I was at their age, that I can tell you, and I'm very blessed for that! And, yes, it takes effort and TIME, so balance to all things!

      Right, time for me to turn in... Just some ideas for other kinds of videos you could do, since you're going to go to the trouble of investing in the equipment you need anyway...


  2. Would you believe that no more than a can or two gets opened during the podcasts (I've personally been dry for 3 years)!

    Videos look like the way to go, so I'll have to have a chat with Tech Boy 2000 about that. Thanks for your input!

  3. Congratulations for the nice blog. I always enjoy reading it and learnt much about DzC from it.
    I said before that I would like to hear/read something about the status quo of main battle tanks in the game.

    1. I'm glad you could learn something from our ramblings. The MBT post is on my radar, I've been waiting for a little more context in regards to other units first. But soon, I promise!

  4. Nice, but don't let it go to your head. Well, more than it already has. :P

    As a PHR player I'm looking forward to the next podcast.
    The only epiphany regarding PHR I had was "F**k Enyos."

    While on topic: Thoughts on the Taranis and Angelos?

    1. My ego needs feeding!

      Demo is still a viable tactic, although a bit of a static one, so Enyos are still viable.

      Taranis and Angelos? Waste of points as they stand sadly. At 2k pts I think they can become worth it, but still Enyos are better than Taranis, and Angelos are just weird. You want demo on the board, but troops so often have to leave the table. If you know which mission you are playing the units may become worth it, but otherwise not so much.

    2. Viable... but I feel it's so unflexible depending on the mission. :S
      At least as soon as we stopped playing only Targets of Oppurtunity I started to regret taking them.

      @Taranis and Angelos: Pity that... My thoughts are the same and I think your analysis is spot on, but hope dies last...

      Thanks for the answer! :)

  5. A text heavy musing on "tournament and meta" would be intrihuing... especially to clarify why the experiences regarding tournaments can differ so widely...

    also play a campaign style thing with nice pics, a tactical map etc... that'll give you tons of posts and lots of reads....

    not a big fan of vids personally.. i'm more the reading guy...

    1. Disecting tournaments and the meta is very tricky, as realistically you only have your own experiences to work on. I think it is mostly to do with the missions played in tournaments which throw up different results. Once the erata updates have settled in though I might have a crack at it.

      We will be starting a campaign soonish, all that we are waiting for is for me to finish writing it! I will make the system available to all, and hopefully compatible with any playing group.

    2. Yay! More campaign choices! 8^D