Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Year Old And Stronger Than Ever

'Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday Team OB, happy birthday to us!'

Can you believe how time flies?! It only seems like a year ago that I turned to the guys and asked, “Do you fancy making a team blog?”- wait, it was a year ago... well that makes sense I guess...

That's right, we are one year (years? I'm not sure of the correct English) today! It's been a hell of a year Dropzone-wise and actual life-wise, and we are so happy that we were received well enough to gather the impetus to continue writing, and starting three months ago to talk too!

We have had more than a whopping 82k clicks over the year, and would like to thank everyone of you for indulging our creative / narcissistic sides. From those of you who only pop over every now and again, and more so to those of you who frequent the site and take the time to comment; 

Thank you!

We seem to have hit our stride for both writing and talking, and hope to bring you more tacticas, discussion points, guides and general banter for at least another year.

A point of warning though: Now that you've got us, it's going to be mighty difficult to get rid of us!


  1. Orbitol Bombardment......THE Birthday....;)-

  2. Happy Birthday, Guys!

    Looking forward to the postvasion podcast!


  3. Well done and happy birthday!


  4. Congrats! Keep those post and podcast cast cast cast cast cast coming!

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Happy birthday!

    Hope to see some more tacticas coming soon.

  7. Great blog and fantastic podcast. I listen to it on the train to work. It's really entertaining and has lots of good discussion on the game.