Thursday, 22 June 2017

OB Podcast Episode 20: Bigger Isn't Always Better

You look like you need to hit the gym! And by gym, I of course I mean our gym, Orbital Gymbardment. And when visiting the Orbital Gymbardment I will refer you to our two main (and only) areas, the massage parlour and the sauna, in the later of which you can join us for our latest podcast episode!

These intros are becoming increasingly tenuous, right? Maybe its the heat in the UK melting my brain, which is currently dripping from my tear ducts onto my keyboard. How do you get brain juice out of a keyboard?

Come and relax in the hot box with us whilst we have a chatet about upcoming events (including Critical Engagement), our time at the UK Games Expo and why we are running a 1000 point tournament, and more importantly why you should try the smaller points size out!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Right Expo-sure.

Well hello there my spaceship loving fans, I am back.

The UK Games Expo 2017 is over and we are all hibernating as the four days of gaming, drinking, and generally being a bit silly has come to end. Also the weather here is like a normal English summer... RAIN!!!

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Me (joe) and Ed are travelling up to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham., and are both attending Hawk's largest to date Dropfleet commander tournament in the UK!

The tournament is on Saturday 3rd June, during the  UK Games Expo that runs from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th. We are driving up on Today along with Mike and Sir [edi: Madam] Bethany to get settled into our surroundings and wet our throats a little, or maybe even a lot.

It's a 1 day tournament of 1250 points, clash sized, playing 3 games of 3 hours long (yeah its going to be a long day, but a fun and very rewarding one). Hawk have released a Tournament Pack and an FAQ just in time for this event which I believe is to add in some much needed balance to the game.

Currently they have 34 players signed up. Only just a few months ago they increased the player limit to 64 from 32, so there is still some space to get in on the action. I'm not too sure on how the scoring system is going to work with just 3 games, but the boys down at Hawk are a smart bunch, and am sure they'll figure something out.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Critical Engagement 17: Missions and Prizes

Greetings valued readership

As I mentioned in a previous post about our annual tournament Critical Engagement '17, I have put together the missions pack.

Also we have locked in some of the finest event sponsors for prize support.... exciting times!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Invaders, They're Coming Over The Hills

Until I looked up the lyrics for the classic Iron Maiden, British Heavy Metal track 'Invaders' to paraphrase the title of this post, I had no idea that the perfect lyric "Invaders...Marauding" existed in the second chorus. Either Iron Maiden are fans of Dropzone Commander and managed to leave a note in the past for themselves (like a reverse Blue Peter time pod), Dave Lewis is a secret-but-not-so-secret Iron Maiden fan, or it's all just a big, rather deflating coincidence.

Anyway; Invaders... Marauding.

I wanted to experiment with something a little 'alternative' in my Scourge list and general army meta, and with Coastal Assualt approaching I deemed it a more than adequate staging ground for this test. What test? Why, using Invaders in a Scourge list of course!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Coastal Assault 2017

Sunday bloody Sunday............

No-one likes waking early on a Sunday, especially not me, but it was for a good cause; I got to play Dropzone all day whooo hoo

4 of us departed from the penthouse apartment of OB towers in Orbital Bombarmentonville and descended on Brighton for the third year running.

Just outside of Brighton, we all had a major dilemma. Do we sack off the tournament and head on to the 'Ladyboys of Bangkok' live cabaret show or carry on as planned........

Friday, 28 April 2017

New Mission: Forward Air Base V2

Took me a couple of goes to understand this one #brainpower
As the great Sun Tzu (great name, great hair, and just generally a great attitude) once said, back in the 80's I think, "No plan survives contact with the enemy". He was of course chatting about war, but this is a philosophy that you can attribute to a large number of different items too, for instance; No fruit survives contact with the work fruit-bowl, No toothpaste survives contact with my teeth, No Tory promise survives contact with reality, and this is true as well with missions design; No mission design survives contact with your friends, they will gut it and ruin it and deform your vision into something completely obtuse and repugnant. It's okay really, they haven't been too bad, and actually although I wouldn't like to admit it to them, they've been quite useful!

We are ready to roll out the second version of both our new missions, and I have for you today Forward Air Base V2!